Tokens of Gratitude

Speaking words of Gratitude are much more than ‘Thank You.’ – it is an intentional journey to the heart – to gather, collect, and reflect that which benefits all.

Sedi is the founder of @ DigiThanks; an online gratitude project on her Instagram account that spans across forty countries – and growing!

When I checked out her project, all I saw were beautiful beings of Love and Light, connecting their energy to form a grid of Gratitude encircling the Earth. Gratitude, emitted by the multitudes, creates an ebb and flow ~ a gentle shifting ~ during this time of mass-transformation.  It’s a wonderful feeling.

If you have time, pass by and share your incredible story and photo on what it means to be in Gratitude. You won’t regret it. xo  


Brooke from Utopiauniverse asked me if I can pass this token of appreciation aimed at creating awareness on how humans can make a huge impact on another soul. #tokenofhumanity.  How a simple act of kindness and gratitude can bring fulfillment, satisfaction and true joy unto your soul and to other souls. 

Think about it. A smile, a hug, a gentle touch…could not only affect another soul but yours as well. Be well. xo

TokenHLO (1)

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He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. Tao Te Ching

21 thoughts on “Tokens of Gratitude

  1. The thought struck me as I read this post, that if a different energy than that which has pervaded this Earth for so long were to be incorporated, the ley lines that now hold the Earth’s energetic impulses could be rearranged. I’m not sure what that means yet, but since you’ve sparked the thought, you can be sure I will be looking into it. Transformative thoughts above. Thanks for sharing.

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