The Presence of Angels

How many of us can see or feel the presence of angels? Some of us may not be tuned in or may be expecting to receive a connection in the same way as others do. Our brains are all unique, and we each receive information in different ways.Β 

Angels walk beside us unseen, unheard but always near.Β In this fast-paced world, many of us aren’t aware of angels working around us.


Thank you, Lord, for angels
You send to us each day
To comfort and to guide us
When we have lost our way.

They may come to us as strangers
Or someone next door.
Or as the animals we care for
who gives us love and so much more.

They nudge us to go on a certain path
since we don’t clearly see the signs
if we open our eyes and notice the synchronicities
at the end of the night, we can have a good laugh.

Trust and faith will guide you
when life holds no light and no song
If you’re looking for a sense of direction
the angels won’t steer you wrong.


Published by SpiritualJourney17

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. Tao Te Ching

27 thoughts on “The Presence of Angels

  1. My mom had a picture hanging on the wall in our home when we were young. It looked like the picture on your post Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?. It came down sometime around the time us three kids became teenagers. I don’t know where it went, but I’ll never forget it. Two children, a boy and girl, going across a decrepit bridge with an angel guiding them.
    Maybe the picture came down when my younger brother came along, as it might not have seemed to include him. Idk.
    Awareness of angels is an interesting topic. Can’t say I’m as aware of angels per se as I am the presence of The Most High, which is always there. But every once and awhile my eyes open into the spirit world around me and I catch glimpses of the activity, both bad and good. It’s there, it’s always there, right behind the scenes.

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      1. Yeah, I’m having a weird glitch. My reader and site are not totally integrated yet. It seems to be a WordPress thing.
        Anyway, if you do want to follow, you can enter into your followed sites on the reader. I’m pretty sure it will work there.
        I’ve got a service request in. Maybe we’ll get a marriage of site and reader one day.
        Btw, this is ART at what used to be Advanced Research Technology. Good to talk with you again!

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  2. Ohhh I love that poem!! I talk to my Angels every day and ask for their help…when I leave the house to go to work I say to them, come on let’s go…if I’m having difficulties at work I’ll go into the ladies room and talk to them and ask for their help. I thank them always for being around and helping me, guiding me, watching over me, etc!! So many angels…Love this post, thank you Bernice!! xo πŸ™‚

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