John Of God Crystal Healing Bed

I want to share with you an experience I had a few months ago.

I was invited to a get-together from one of my classmates. The host purchased a John of God Crystal Healing Bed and wanted us to experience its incredible healing powers. Perhaps a number of you have heard of this concept but I haven’t.

I read online the colors’ energetic healing vibration is transmitted through the crystal onto your chakra, releasing blocked energy and promoting overall healing.

It sounded good so I decided to give it a try. 

massage table

I was lead fully clothed onto a massage table below the suspended crystals. Soft music began playing through the headphones provided and all I needed to do was relax.

In a matter of a few seconds, I felt myself floating above from an observers view. I was surrounded in a circle by Jesus, Mother Mary, and a few other beings of light. They were holding a white sheet above my head, swaying it up and down until it covered my whole body.  In an instant, the white sheet magically transformed itself into a frayed dress on my body. 

I saw myself walking on hard, dry terrain with tattered sandals. There was a sheep walking alongside me. I felt I was in the Middle East somewhere. I had my head down holding a kerchief covering my hair/face from the sun and harsh wind. I looked up when I heard young children calling out “mama”, running to me, with smiles on their faces, hugging me tightly. I smiled and hugged them in return. I felt so much love.

I was awakened by the soft taps on my shoulder indicating my time was up. I was out for 30 minutes but it felt as if I was under for only a few minutes.

When I came around I told my friends what I saw and they immediately said I might have had a peek in a past-life. 

It was a beautiful and magical experience (and no I didn’t eat any shrooms before arriving 😆).

Have you experienced a John of God healing bed? If so, please share. 

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He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened. Tao Te Ching

28 thoughts on “John Of God Crystal Healing Bed

  1. It would not have been Jesus you saw – he did not speak of past lives. Scripture tells us we live only once on earth. Please do not be deceived. Also please do your research on John of God. Wishing you well.

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  2. I’ve been reading all about John of God and have friends that have been to see him! Thank you for sharing your vision you saw. It is sooooo beautiful! Another friend was at an event recently where they had a John of God bed. She LOVED it! ❤️ I want to!! Ha ha!

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