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Your Personal Journey of Awakening and Healing

My name is Bernice Cruz and together with your Higher Self and Guides we will empower you on your spiritual journey to:

  • Discover the Path only YOU are meant to live
  • Release the Imbalances that prevent you from living your truth
  • Create Harmony in Mind, Body, Spirit and Relationships


Quantum Hypnosis Healing

Looking for answers about your life purpose, family, work or health issues? A Hypnosis Healing session will provide you with the answers you’re seeking on your spiritual journey.

$150 US Dollars ~ 1.5 to 3 hours

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Surrogate Hypnosis Healing

A Surrogate Healing session are for those who are under age, with a disability, non-verbal or with a medical condition, or who have difficulty getting answers to their questions in a session.

$150 US Dollars ~ 1 – 1.5 hours

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Multi-Energy Healing / Reiki

Holistic and spiritual practices to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit based on intuitive guidance. Techniques used are Universal Rays, Light Language, Arcturian Healing, etc.

$100 US Dollars ~ 1 hour

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Chakra Scan Psychic Reading

Will see the current state of your chakras to identify any blockages present and bring awareness to anything that might need to be taken care of.

$39 US Dollars

Through Love & Forgiveness ~ All Healing is Self Healing


Bernice, thank you again! Out of all the things I do metaphysically, this is the one that has been most impactful. I appreciate it and you.


My throat chakra was blocked and she guided me through a past life and healed it. Thank you Bernice for that wonderful experience!


You literally can’t put a price tag on the things Bernice shares with you and the healing that comes working with her. She’s my earth angel!


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